The Fashion Spectrum

Every now and then, we used to mix vibrant colours to lighten up the world through different platforms—same with FASHION.

Wearing fashionable clothes and taking good photographs could be a definitive meaning of Fashion. I started to be fashionable by asking “Do I have what it takes?”. Well, it’s kinda strange for me to answer that time. My anxiety triggers a lot and perceives to be solitude. With the kind of perception I’ve had before, It made me upset once because people looked at me like I’m a weirdo.

Until one day before, I have decided to stop on wearing clothes that I think is perfect just because of the judgments that I could get from them. I wasn’t able to stand up for my desire that day. Unfortunately, my interest to fashion became lost. Everyone of us has the ability to replicate ourselves by being free to whoever we wanted to be. But there’s one important lesson I have learned in the past, “be yourself, and you’ll be fashionable.” A simple sentence with a huge amount of essence. People are trying to be more stylish and fashionable rather than trying to build their confidence and authenticity. More so, the adequacy of fashion and style comes with the glittering passion that you have in heart. Once you know the place, it would be the easiest way for you to find the glamorous look of yours.

In a world that is not fair, you must look for the brightest colors beyond your self. With this, the beauty cannot be measured by some fancy clothes; it would be, by means of expressing your self thoroughly.

Top- Bench Polo Shirt

Pants- Freego Jeans

Classic ‘OOTD’ Guide by: Gio Villapando

Fashion appears realistic when you express yourself freely while wearing the best OOTD’s

Photoshoots are the coolest stuff that I can do to express my self wearing my OOTD (outfit of the day). But, it is really hard to find the perfect combination of clothes like a polo and shorts, or a shirt and trousers. Classics will still be the best for me because I believe that minimalism is an art. For my personal perspective, I usually paired clothes that could not go beyond flashiness. For example, you can wear a striped-polo then plained-shorts. Aftermath, one of the important part is choosing the best ambiance that should make the OOTD worthy. In addition, do not try to wear outfits that is not comfortable for you. By doing this, the photos will just give some awkwardness.

A bonus reminder, you must check and consider the lighting and the place it self before taking photos. During the photoshoot, the only key is to be yourself along with pride and confidence. Before, I used to do some pose from my favourite IG blogger, and without applying it to yourself, the pictures won’t look good. All of must learn to be authentic along with a fashionable trait.

Fashion is everything but let’s be more authentic and natural so that everything will follow.

What’s my Pre-Medical Course?

4 years of Pre-medical course

4 years of Medicine

1 year of internship

3-5 years of residency

2-3 years of fellowship

= 14-17 years

After envisioning my self wearing the white coat, I have asked my self what specialization should I take? Or let’s say, surgery? Cardiology? Otolaryngology? Rheumatology? Immunology? And many more. But opps! I forgot to write up something about my pre-medical course. It’s been a nostalgic feeling whether to go on Nursing or Medical Technology. Many of them suggested the two courses because of the Hospital exposure. Although, it is hard for me to decide because both ways have pros and cons. Anyway, I used the technique of looking for some enhancement of the skills prior to Medical School. Well, I guess you’re getting it already! It’s Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology! Yey!I believe that this will give me more practice and preparation for Medical School. BUT— yes, a big But (lol), there’s no such BEST pre-med courses out there, every courses has its own level of difficulties and one thing for sure is that, Medical School is really different from bachelors degree. Everyone will start from scratch until hardships paid off and that MD in the end of our names will be added.

#RoadtoMD: Pursuing Passion To Inspire

Every children has their own ‘craziest dreams’ and so are we. Wherein the actual battlefield is that people are trying to build the foundation with more perseverance

If you will be asked about your dream, what would it be? We are living in a world full of hopes and downfalls—which means, saying “I am perfect” doesn’t truly exist. I was born in the 31st of August 2001 at Sto.Tomas Batangas. Now, if I will be asked about my dream? It’s a crazy and ironic one! I never imagined my self working in a Hospital, or dealing with various of patients. Subsequently, I got sepsis(a life-threatening disease caused by infectious bacteria) when I was born. According to my parents, a lot of treatments were made. Growing up, I was able to realized that I am not like them having a carefree living. Time passed by, and guess what? Last 2015, I was diagnosed with Rheumatic fever(untreated strep throat that can lead to Rheumatic heart disease), and Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). My life got worsened that time. Since then, my life became solitude and meaningless. Can you imagine the time that you are tired and fulfilled for what you have accomplished? But I don’t have any single one before. Until a day happened, I got seizure and they rushed me to the Hospital. After getting my consciousness, I don’t know how I approached the Doctor asking a lot about my case. During that time, curiosity is the way of determining my passion. I talked to many Doctors, searched pathological factors, read books, and so on. I just fed my curiosity and let my heart decides what I want. I was just amazed about how does science works in Medicine. Now, this journey is not just because of my self having diseases, but rather because I want them to realize that no matter how they feel, they can still live their life beyond medications. And will use the platform to give colors and hopes to their meaningful dreams.